Clinical Wellness Testing

preventative services to stay healthy

Clinical Wellness Testing

  • Blood tests
  • Wellness panels
  • Food Allergy/Food sensitivity
  • Titers

No Insurance? Have insurance but high deductible? Want to avoid a doctor visit?

At SPOKANE TESTING SOLUTIONS you can order blood testing without a
doctors order!

Take control of your own health by selecting from our vast menu of wellness panels as well as commonly ordered blood tests. Want to check your A1C? Concerned about your cholesterol?

Curious about your thyroid, Vitamin or hormone levels? We can get you results FAST!

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FOOD Sensitivity


If you have experienced bloating, aches and pains, headaches or other unexplained symptoms, you may be suffering from food sensitivities. Our tests can help you determine which foods may be causing you problems. A simple blood draw can help you determine which foods you need to be avoid.

We have several panels that include foods and environmental elements like molds, grasses and weeds.


Your genes determine your ability to metabolize medications.

Pharmacogenetics can determine your response to prescription drugs for both therapeutic and adverse reactions so you can eliminate the cost of the current prescription trial and error method.
Pharmacogenetics testing has proven useful in developing more effective treatment plans. The benefits are:

  • Increased drug effectiveness
  • Reduction in adverse drug reactions (ADR’s)
  • Identifies the right medication for your condition
  • Provides a detailed report and analysis

If you could know what medication is right for you, would you want to know?

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