Background Search

Background Search

At Spokane Testing Solutions, we offer a variety of background services for pre-employment including but not limited to:


  • County, State & National database searches
  • Social Security Trace/Verification
  • Address History Search
  • Nationwide Federal Criminal Search
  • Prior Background Check Notification
  • Financial Sanctions List
  • All Terrorist Watch Lists:Global Watch List, OFAC, OIG, ETLS, SDN, GSA
  • Nationwide Criminal/Sex Offender Search
  • Motor Vehicle Records
  • Employment History
  • Reference Checks
  • Educational Verification

Certified Background screening

Spokane Testing Solutions believes it is a best practice for all employers to run a background check on prospective employees. A certified background screening provides insightful information on a person's past and can indicate their behavior in the future. Here are some examples of situations where it is crucial to conduct a background check:

  • Employees working directly with children or the elderly
  • Employees handling money and private financial information
  • Employees having access to social security numbers and account numbers
  • Employees utilizing passwords and codes
  • Employees working with expensive equipment
  • Employees working in people's homes
  • Employees who drive vehicles in performing their job function
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